Vegemite - The Famous Australian Food Spread

“You gotta have Vegemite for breakfast” is what a lover of this very famous Australian food spread once told me. It comes in yellow jars, it is dark, almost black, it is thick and tastes… well it tastes like Vegemite. There is not really anything you can compare it to. Some people might confuse it with some kind of chocolate spread, but they could not be further off.

Lots of Vegemite
Vegemite - an Australian classic (source: flickr, author: Charlotteinaustralia)

One of its main ingredients is brewer’s yeast extract (which is a by-product from creating your beloved golden beverage) and as the label already tells you, Vegemite is rich in B vitamins. Australia’s savoury breakfast favourite is very salty and malty. But as anyone will tell you, the taste is kind of impossible to describe, so you have to give it a try to find out.

And this is going to go one of two ways. You might either find a new friend who is going to accompany you on your next road trip or you are going to be disgusted, right in the very moment your taste buds start rebelling. There is nothing in between.

The ultimate Aussie breakfast

So what is it that ends up on the typical breakfast toast in OZ? Well, just about anything is possible, but you will definitely find all variations of jam, peanut butter, maybe honey and as you should know by now, very important… Vegemite.

Aussies love it as portrayed in one of their inofficial anthems Land Down Under by Men at Work. Combining this indescribable food spread with cheese is also very popular and called Cheesymite. You might be able to try this by buying some pastries like cheesymite scrolls at your local bakery. Some people also like to have it as foundation on their avocado toast and there are of course even weirder recipes which I am not going to discuss in detail.

As mentioned before, there is nothing you can compare Vegemite to. Well, there maybe is. All you British folks sure know Marmite. And hence, by far the most likely group of backpackers who end up liking Vegemite might be the British. Then again there is also Promite, but I don’t want to compare these to Vegemite as True Blue Aussies are probably going to call me out on culinary blasphemy.

Most likely you don’t even have to buy a whole jar just to give Australia’s breakfast favourite a go. Especially when you are living in hostel you will find that among other popular items Vegimite is one that is often left behind on the free food shelve.

This is how to eat Vegemite properly
How you should spread Vegemite on your bread

So when you are Down Under you should definitely give Vegemite a try, at least once. Your only chance of ever enjoying it is if you take a slice of bread with a fair amount of butter and only a bit of the dark food spread on top of it. If you just stick a spoon in the jar and lick it your relationship with Vegemite will be ruined for good. This famous Australian celebrity will show you how to eat it.

Most likely you are still not going to end up including it in your everyday diet. But who knows. Just maybe you are one of the few people coming to Australia who enjoy the taste of it. And then again, it is always fun to watch other people trying it for the first time. Vegemite, you will either love it or hate it.

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