Transfering money

So you want to buy that car, but unfortunately you didn’t save up quite as much money as you were hoping and so you have to get access to some of your funds back home. Or maybe it is the other way round. You saved up some money, but you need those Aussie dollars on your bank account in your home country to pay back debts. Believe me, I know that one (in my case student loans and even more). Or whatever the reason to transfer money from one country to another.

If we go on such a journey we have to cross borders, we probably need a visa and more. With money it is just a matter of a few mouse clicks. However, it can still cost you a fair bit of money to do that.

Personal experience

Personally, I spent about two years transferring money on a regular basis and it cost me 20$ every time. The question if I was receiving a reasonable conversion rate aside.

This means that I spend about 250$ on transfer fees.

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For me the solution to transfer money back home was transferwise.

Look at other options:

In NZ didn’t even work on the weekend (sat 9am to mon 8am)

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Good source:

Story of two Estonians



What you need:

– Things to know before:

– ID (usually passport, jpg no pdf)

– Verification may take two or three days


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