Patagonia – One Of The Most Sustainable Brands On Earth?

Sustainability. Responsibility. Environmentally friendly. Just some of the few buzz words that come to mind thinking of brands like Patagonia.
Most of us consume more than what we actually need. In times of overpopulation, destruction of eco systems and pollution one big questions that we have to ask ourselves is:
“Can I buy this without feeling guilty?”
So how do you answer this question if you fancy that new Patagonia winter jacket? Or that great new backpack. Or whatever it is that you need for your next backpacking adventure.
Just a heads up. I am not going to answer this question here. But I will help you to figure that answer out for yourself.
Mount Fitzroy in Patagonia
Mount Fitzroy in Patagonia - The silhoutte served as inspiration for the famous logo (Pixabay / David Mark))

Let my people go surfing

You are hesitant and unsure what to think of Patagonia and if this brand is worth the money, because let’s face it – their products are definitely not cheap.

So without beating around the bush for all too long, I will tell you how to answer this question for yourself.

Just go ahead and read “Let my people go surfing” (this is not an affiliate link). I cannot recommend this book enough!

If I had to describe this book, the story behind this brand and the founder Yvon Chouinard with just one word, it would be authenticity. Yeah, pure and raw authenticity!

It is such an inspiring story, full of adventures, he is such a great guy. The book is entertaining  and inspiring at the same time. It is a manifest of sustainability and gives you a reason to hope as well. And you can learn a lot about how to run a successful business and so much more.

Absolutely worth reading.

Let my people go surfing - a great book
Let my people go surfing - an inspiring story and a great and entertaining read at the same time

Well then, how would I answer the question “Is Patagonia worth it?” or “How sustainable is Patagonia really?”

To be honest. I am about to find out myself. Just recently I read the story of Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chouinard (again, not an affiliate link) and you know what. As of writing this I don’t even own a single Patagonia product. Not yet!

In fact, I just stumbled upon this book and was about to give it away before even reading one single page. But then I started reading it, I got hooked and I could not stop.

As a result it inspired me to save some money and buy one of their products (I could definitely need a new backpack) to find out myself. To find out how good their quality really is. And I am keen on doing further research how sustainable Patagonia is.

After reading this book I truly believe they don’t produce crap and stand up for what they believe in.

So hopefully in the not so distant future I am going to be able to answer you “How good is Patagonia?”. But until then I suggest you read this great book and come up with an answer for yourself.

Also, if you read it or if you bought some Patagonia gear and you are exceptionally happy or unhappy with it or if you got any other feedback please let me know. I want to gather more information and be able to write a detailed review of this brand.

I am happy to hear from you and what your personal stance on Patagonia is.

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