Tired Of Job Hunting – Jobs That Are Easy To Get As A Backpacker In Australia

“Hello, how are you doing? My name is – enter your own name – and I was curious if you guys are looking for someone to work at your place at the moment.”

Sounds familiar?

If you have been looking for a job for quite some time then it can get really frustrating. You cannot hang out at the beach, you are basically working (job hunting done properly is a job in itself), yet you don’t get any money for it.

you are hired
Some jobs are really easy to get as a backpacker (pixabay / geralt)

Whatever job it is that you are looking for on your working holiday and no matter how much effort you put into the whole process. Sometimes all it takes is time. But waiting is not an option as you see your backpacking funds dwindling.

Hence, I present you some jobs that are easy to get while you are traveling around Australia that are going to help you boost your backpacking budget while you are looking for that opportunity you are really looking for. Or maybe you just need to find something that gets you going for the next few weeks. So, here they are.


1. Hostel jobs

house keeping is a popular job among backpackers
Hostel jobs, especially housekeeping is a popular job among backpackers

How about some good old housekeeping? Hostel gigs are very popular among backpackers. So why not work in the very place you live?

These jobs often require you to live onsite and you will usually find work as a housekeeper or at reception. Receptionists are usually asked to stay a little longer (like two or three months) as they need to be trained while you often find jobs involving cleaning rooms and toilets for only a few weeks. These jobs are really easy to get.

2. Uber Eats

Uber eats gigs are easy to get
Uber Eats - super easy to get this job (flickr / Hernan Pinera)

Got a bicycle? Smartphone? Living in somewhat of a city? Then go and see if there is Uber Eats in your place and sign up. Easy to get started and you can work your own schedule and on top of it you will stay fit. A backpacker classic that is super easy to find and you can pretty much quit any time.

3. Sidekicker

Sidekicker offers lots of hospitality gigs
Sidekicker offers lots of hospitality gigs (pixabay / LuckyLife11)

Have you heard of Sidekicker? This a platform that hosts many hospitality jobs like waiting tables, helping out at events setting up tables, etc. and many more one day gigs and even regular jobs.

Easy to sign up online, you show up for an interview, get your profile up and running and then you are ready to apply for jobs. However, you will only find sidekicker jobs in bigger Australian cities.

And who knows, maybe one of these jobs will lead to a permanent position and with a bit of work on weekends you’ll be able to head off for your next adventure sooner than you thought.

4. Fundraising

Fundraising jobs are easy to get in Australia
Fundraising jobs are easy to get in Australia
I am sure you have seen them in the streets back at home – fundraisers. And they are here in Australia as well.

Standing in the streets and approaching strangers is not for everyone – that is for sure. However, if you are the right person for this kind of work and if you are going to raise funds for a course you are passionate about – that is a plus. And even if you are not the bubbly kind of type, it can be a valuable lesson in getting out of your comfort zone, in dealing with rejection and so much more.
So if you are in one of the bigger cities you just need to have a look at Gumtree, at backpackerjobboard and similar websites to find a fundraising job. They are easy to get!

5. Au pair

A lot of backpackers work as an au pair while they are in Australia (wikimedia / Jessica Gallegos)

Are you good with children? Are you a responsible and reliable person? And are you not going to invite all your friends for a house party as soon as the parents are out of the house and trust you with their kids?

Then working as an au pair is probably right up your ally. Taking care of other people’s kids is a typical backpacker job and these jobs are really easy to find. Especially Gumtree is great to look for au pair gigs.

Aussies are very trusting towards backpackers and if you like children it is easy money and these jobs often last only for a few weeks. Ideal to explore some place, get out of the backpacker bubble and see a part of Australia the way the locals do.

These jobs are super easy to get when you are on a working holiday in Australia. And they are great if you need to quickly save some money for a few weeks to fund your travels or you are just looking for something to bridge a gap while you are looking for your dream job.

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