Some Inspiration For Your Time Down Under

Are you at the moment working your ass of waiting tables to save some money for your next road trip? Or even pruning grapes in the pouring rain? Or maybe you sit at home on your desk in front of your screen planing your trip Down Under (or in a hostel dorm in Auckland and work on your website) and outside it is gray and cold.

Whatever the situation, here I like to present you some inspirational video compilations for your time in Australia. So, enjoy and I hope they help to give you the motivation you need.

This is my personal favourite. I am pretty sure this guy has done everything. Absolutely everything! However, I would not recommend to climb Uluru!

Great video with lots of nice landscape shots. Again, please do not climb Uluru!

Not sure why he had to include New York at the end, but other than that nice video.

Nice mix of scenes and activities, nice music editing, nice video!

The beginning might be a little long, but a sweet idea anyway!

So there you go! I hope this was exactly what you needed and not too long and you will be able to see all these amazing places with your own eyes. And who knows, maybe you are going to be the next one to make such a nice video to inspire others to embark on their adventure in Australia.

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