How to create an online resume

Have you ever been walking the streets handing out your resume to just about any bar, cafe, restaurant, hostel and who knows what kind of place that might possibly employ you? How often have you been writing messages or emails and put in the phrase “attached you find my resume” somewhere.

Well, here I want to present you a new kind of resume, a new way of presenting your skills. I call it the online resume. Basically it is kind of what your regular resume is like just a bit more fancy, you put a lot of pictures to the whole mix and yeah… it is all online.
I came up with it while looking for jobs using gumtree. And at the end of the day it is more or less this just taking it to the next step. However, you will need to have your own website for that which is not as tricky as it may sound.

Getting started

So first you need your own website, or more precisely you just need your own domain and hosting going.

Lots of text…

Another heading

And more text..

And the conclusion…

Crumbing some croquettes
Enter random caption

Now, while a friend of mine told me this was “completely over the top” I have to say that I got some great results out of using my online resume in applications while I was backpacking. Just include a link to your online resume in some mails you write to potential employers and you will stick out from the masses.

It is not about web design skills or anything like that. Imagine you are one of few backpackers competing for the same hospitality job that sounds quite cool. You got the right skills and experience for the job. So do all the other applicants. Then maybe this is what will separate you from the others.

And even if you are not going to use it ever. All the skills you are going to develop (WordPress and so on), the excitement in building it and the fulfillment in seeing it done and recognizing what you have achieved is a great self confidence boost.

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