Experience from living in a hostel

Intro with keywords, several times and in subheadings.

Another heading

Hostels good for buying cars, finding people for road trips as you get to know each other

Hostels in big cities good for free stuff as people leave

Part about cleaning after yourself and what not. If you worked you understand from the other point of view. Reception, etc. as well.

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Crumbing some croquettes
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Quick bulletpoints:

– Intro (keywords)

– General idea, facilities, lifestyle, etc. (you learn boxing, not martial art, food)

– small hostels, big chains (yha pass, etc)

– International, stereotypes, worldview, trustworthy usually, all ages (some weirdos)

– how to behave (see backpackerguide)

– social you become a pro at small talk

– Different kind of hostels, party vs other kind

– City vs rural

– Long term (working, arrogant, tired of people, groups) vs short term

– How to behave in hostels (also sex in dorm room)

– Working in a hostel

– article about people you meet in a hostel

– pros and cons (new people (pro), noise, dirty, new people (con), roommates, snoring)

– Tips and tricks (for longer try different ones, cheap stuff, hostelworld (but book direct) )

– Check for: SEO (meta, length, headings, paragraphs, keywords, image alt tags, inbound links, outbound links)

– Conclusion


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