Doing your laundry while backpacking

Well, I am pretty sure that you basically know how to do your laundry. So, here are just a few little tips and tricks when it comes to dealing with those dirty clothes while you are backpacking.


It is always nice to have a washing machine at hand, so even when you are on the road every now and then it is worth to stay at a hostel or camping site to have enjoy the comfort of having a washing machine among other things you miss while living in a car.

Dryer, environmentally friendly, but don’t become the dryer (link to site of hostel types).

Drying your laundry

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Crumbing some croquettes
Picture of drying laundry in hostel dorm

So long and thanks for all the socks

So this is a situation that I have encountered about a million times. You open the washing machine and check the rubber around the opening and inside that rubber you usually tend to find the sock that got left behind by someone else. For all you ladies out there who wonder where all their underwear always ends up. This is the place to look for.

This is where all your socks are hiding

I guess that this is not completely new knowledge to you guys. However, I am still wondering as I tend to find so many socks, etc. So maybe this post might act as a reminder to check next time you grab your wet clothes out of the washing machine.

Washing your clothes while you travel

A bit of laundry powder with you. Wrapped up good. No, laundry liquid although better disolvable.

Laundry up north when it is humid


And maybe one of you folks out there has some tips on doing your laundry when you are on the road. And especially when it is not too hot and stuff doesn’t dry all that fast.

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