There are so many people and so many online resources out there that helped me to set up this page and that helped me along my way (whether it was finding work, information on Australia or backpacking in general). I cannot thank all of them enough. I hope I managed to name most of them.

Thank you guys
Cheers mate! (source: flickr, by Marco Verch)
I would like to thank these guys for giving me inspiration and information by sharing their own personal story:
– Nick and Darice from Goats on the road
– Matt from Nomadic Matt
– Lauren from Never Ending Footsteps
And also a big thank you to all backpacker websites and job boards I used to look for jobs (even if unsuccessful), provided me with infos and gave me inspiration like:
And not to forget all the 4357983450 blogs, websites and youtube channels and what not out there (too many to name and to remember) giving you information on how to build websites and what comes along with it.

And thanks to all the creative input while working on this website.

Thanks to Oliver Koletzki and Boris Brechja for all their music while working on this website and youtube channels with relaxing music.

Last but not least, thanks to all you guys providing pictures that can be found on flickr, wikimedia commons, pixabay and other platforms to share and use.

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