Australia pop culture

Which song is typically Australian? Maybe this is a question you have asked yourself or someone else at some point while you were traveling through this vast country. There might be a few that pop into your head and you probably also know a few celebrities.

So here I want to present you a quick overview of some of Australia’s biggest cultural exports. Of course this list is not written from a native’s point of view and thus more or less biased. Moreover, there are more comprehensive ones out there. This is just to get you started on this topic.

Australian music

So lets start off with maybe the most controversial part (True Blue Aussies might disagree), famous hits from Down Under. First I give you some songs that are very famous in other parts of the world and kind of classics, quite cheesy, but classics.

So, we are going to start off with a song you definitely heard before you got to Australia, the song Down Under from Men at Work.



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