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This is a cute quokka
This website is about you (or maybe just about quokas)

About you? What? Yeah, this website is about you! You are a backpacker traveling through Australia or you are playing with the idea of doing so. You are ready to embark on this epic journey or you already find yourself right in the midst of it. It is exciting and there are so many great stories to tell, so much knowledge to share and also the little things to rant about every now and then.

This is the place where you are able to find out about the little tips and tricks when it comes to backpacking through Australia and also backpacking in general. And not only that. Do you sometimes think “I wish I would have known that earlier?” Here, you can share your tips and tricks, your recipes and little known travel destinations and whatever else it is you would like fellow travelers to know.

About me

This is me
This is me (a bit worried about crocodiles)

OK, so then who am I? My name is Philipp from Germany and I have been backpacking across Australia for more than two years on a working holiday visa and at the moment I am about to spent another year in New Zealand. So far, I am still not bored of traveling and think there is a lot of wisdom to share that you learn while you are on the road.

Flashback to March 2016 when I arrived in Melbourne. I remember exactly how I first approached my job hunting, which resources and methods I used and it was… well, not too great at first. I did my research, but still some little things you have to learn the hard way. Or, you don’t have to!

And it is not only the working aspect. There is more to backpacking. Whether it is the little problems with your car (you know these little things that give a typical backpacker car…. well, it’s character) or what to look for and what to avoid when buying one in the first place.

Then there is also the everyday life, the routine and the little things we are struggling with. And sometimes traveling can even get a little boring (yeah, it can) and it is nice to have something to do, a project, while you are on the road. From learning new instruments to photography or writing, it is great to have something to do. It is great to come back not only with a bunch of great stories to tell, but also to have new skills.

So I am happy to share with you what I have learned during my time and I hope that you are going to do the same and we can help and inspire other people along the way.

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